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KA L Mk3

KA L Mk3


Our new true differential (balanced) preamplifier KA L Mk3 is developed for advanced audiophiles. Packed into a nice high gauge aluminium case, it is made of everything needed for highest sound quality. Application of latest solutions resulted in higher level of sound even better than previous, very successful, model.
This amplifier offers you completely natural and neutral sound in uncompromised design, therefore listening sessions of your favorite music will be turned into a deep, emotional experience and pleasure.

Technical data:
* Completely balanced, dual mono circuit topology with no overall feedback
* All stages are DC coupled and operate in true pure class A
* The preamp is remote controllable;
* Overall frequency response of line inputs is DC-300kHz, +0, -3dB;
* Intermodulation distortion is below 0.008%;
* Input sensitivities: RCA-line= 750mV/30k; XLR-line= 1,5V/30k;
* Line level input S/N ratio is better than -110 dB;
* Output level: 6V/0.6 Ohms;
* Dimensions 500×110 x 340 mm WxHxD,
* Dimensions in box 640x230x470 mm WxHxD
* Net weight 20 kg;
* Btto weight 28 kg

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