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Larsen 6.2

Larsen 6.2

Fedeltà del suono
The Audiophile Apartment

"Parliamo di un diffusore che incorpora principi progettuali totalmente fuori dall’ordinario, (...) di fatto la profondità, la tridimensionalità e l’altezza della scena sono qualcosa di veramente notevole." - Fedeltà del suono aprile 2018

The Larsen 6 is designed and built on the same principles as our current top model the Larsen 8. The Larsen 6 is also equipped with the same high quality bass and tweeter driver as the Larsen 8. Creating a deep and precise bass all the way down to 26 hz. Above it, a true and clean mid-range, topped off by a clear and transparent tweeter.
The Larsen 6 represents the high-end technologies of our top model in a timeless design. Creating a muscular, neutral and amazing three-dimensional soundstage for serious audiophiles to enjoy.

– Placing close to the front wall which gives low intrusion in the living area.
– Speaker units aligned in the speaker so no extra tilt inwards is necessary to achieve the wanted stereo image.
– Terminal close to the speaker units so the internal cables can be extremely short and don't colour the sound almost not at al.
– Scandinavian produced (everything from the speaker units and the filter to the speaker cabinet).
– Hidden triangular bass reflex port to minimize the problems of port over steer (choking).
– Higher efficiency and deeper bass than from free standing loudspeakers due to support from the close boundaries.
– Optimized for normal living rooms. No extra acoustical treatment is normally necessary.
– Plastic film capacitors and glued inductors for acoustical resonant free sound.
– Built in acoustical absorbers to eliminate the negative effects from the close loudspeaker wall.
– Built in absorbers on the top of the cavity in front of the bass unit to reduce reflections from the floor.
– Sound absorbing material behind the bass-unit in specially selected wool to give a cleaner midrange.

– High end bass unit.
– Polypropylene capacitors in the critical positions.
– Framed in back absorber to make it more efficient (it behaves like it's bigger).

Specifiche tecniche:
Crossover frequency: 2,5kHz
Sensitivity: 88db
Impedance: 8 Ohm
Weight: 12,5 kg
Dimensions: (H x W x D): 75 x 23 x 26 mm
Finish: Cherry, maple, white or black lacquer


Larsen 6.2 Larsen 6.2 Larsen 6.2

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