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The S201 is a 200W stereo Amplifier built along the same design approach as our world renown M203 monoblocks. Never has so much Class A power been packed into such an amazingly compact and attractive design.

Mainstream Package
The M203 monoblocks have been well established as the reference amp to beat, but they are big and expensive. MSB has taken what we have learned in the monoblock and with some very clever design and packing, fit it into our very successful DAC IV package. The system is now complete.

The heart of the MSB S201 Amp is our MSB designed current mirrors. This approach is expensive but allows amazing accuracy. With such great accuracy we can even operate with zero feedback, greatly improving our phase response. Negative feedback is a trick used by most amp designers to improve linearity but its cost is in degraded phase performance. Our use of zero feedback is significant breakthrough and indicates the care taken in our design.

The S201 amplifier makes use of our novel MSB Isorack Damping Feet which provide stackability and amazing mechanical isolation. Our advanced thermal design provides close temperature control for optimum sound in all conditions.

Better than Mainstream Sound
Some amplifiers hold an image together well with multiple instruments playing but were not capable of fully resolving the individual instruments or soundstage. Other amplifiers simply sound wonderful until more than two or three things started happening at once! We even listened to a few amplifiers that seemed to be completely missing notes in low frequencies! The S-201 amplifier was designed from the ground up to resolve the well organized and truthful harmonics of the best sources like MSBs own DAC IV series. The dynamics get special attention with a quiet and robust power supply with deep current reserves. The S201 plays music beautifully and will hold a solid image for each instrument especially when the music gets complex and many instruments are going at once, with out being harsh or edgy. It is a Reference Amplifier, and capable of driving the gambit of speakers.

Truly Balanced Architecture
Both the inputs and the outputs of this Amplifier are completely Balanced. There is no funny business going on here! The S201 also offers a single-ended input, that is treated separately from the balanced input. A simple switch located near the input jacks allows you to switch the Amplifier between Single-Ended operation, Balanced (high gain, + 6dB) and Balanced (low gain).

Control Features
The S201 has both a total power on / off and standby mode all selected by the front panel switches. When connected to other MSB products it can be powered on and off with the master power controls.

True Balanced (XLR); Single-Ended (RCA)

Transistors: All Bi-Polar

0 Negative Local Feedback
0 Negative Global Feedback

Damping Factor: 80

Rapporto segnale/rumore: >120 dB

Potenza: >200 Watts at 8 Ohms
Capacità di pilotare carichi di 2 Ohm

Filter Capacitance: 249,600 microf

Transformatore toroidale: 1000VA

Dimensioni: L 44,5 x P 32 x H 21,6 cm
Peso: 34 Kg

S201 S201 S201

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